Thursday, February 13, 2014


I have returned to Denmark after my first visit home, which feels so strange!  It seems as if I have two different worlds, and it is hard to switch between them.  The winter here has been warm (in comparison to the winters I've experienced in New England), wet, dark, and filled with riding! It rains everyday, but has only been below freezing for about a week total.  The hardest part for me was the lack of daylight (never mind sunlight!), as it was getting light at 9am and dark at 3pm.  However, I am excited to report the sun is slowly returning and it feels like spring.  I'm not sure yet if another round of winter is coming, but for now I am enjoying a break from the darkness!

Even though I have been stuck riding in the indoor arena for months, the horses are doing really well and keep me motivated and happy.  I have been riding on my own a lot, which has given me the chance to continue learning to think for myself and challenge myself when no one is there to push me.  I am enjoying the three 6 year olds a great deal, and after a winter of hard work they are all ready for third level.  The plan is to do the FEI 6 year old classes with them when we start to compete in April.  It is so satisfying to be part of their education and see so much progress.  With the activity of summer in sight, I am getting even more excited to go to some shows and reap the benefits of their progress.

My trip home was wonderful, which made it a bit hard to come back to Denmark!  Thanks to technology, I forget how far away America really is.  It is all great experience though, and in the end I will be stronger from it.  Now that I am settled back into the routine here things are easy and feel "normal" again!  Upon returning to Denmark, my boyfriend Magnus and I were invited to see The Flying Dutchman, an opera in Copenhagen.  It was unlike anything I have seen before.  The Opera house was beautiful and the singing was... intense!  Maybe I will audition for their next tour ;)

 Spring already?
 Such a good cuddle buddy.
On the way home for a visit, flying over Canada.
 Reunited with Freya, the best school horse in the world! She is 29 years old now :) 
 I had to visit Pam's farm while I was home, even though she is in Florida.
 A little painting project for my vacation.  First time I've painted in 5 years!
 The inside of the Copenhagen opera house.
 Experiencing some European culture... ready to see The Flying Dutchman! 
Magnus and I ready for the opera, dressing up is rare for both of us. 

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