Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stallion Show

This weekend I went to the Danish Warmblood Stallion Keuring with Sarah and Morten.  It was very interesting and we saw a variety of horses.  When we first arrived we saw 3 year old stallions shown in hand and running loose.  My favorite part was when Carl Hester test rode a group of 16 young horses and gave his opinion on each one.  Instead of pushing each horse to see how he could improve them, he wanted to feel what they naturally offered.  He assessed their natural adjustability, elasticity, and straightness.  He also looked for a horse with a good natural balance and willingness to work.  Carl then gave each horse a score on their rideablilty and potential.  

The stallions show was held at the same venue as the European Championships, which I attended in August.  It was a huge event with almost as many vendors as Equine Affaire/ Equitana.  We saw a little of the Danish/ Nordic championship for farriers, which was going on at the same time.  There were also some riding classes, including an exhibition Grand Prix.  I am lucky I get to attend these big events while I am over here, it is very exciting to get off the farm and experience as much as I can.  

My ticket to the Stallion Keuring.  
The arena set up for the horses to go loose. 
The arena set up for under saddle judging. 
My favorite Danish candies.  You can only get such a variety at the shows!

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