Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just Photos!

Long time no blog post I know, and I have no excuse as things have been relatively quiet here.  When I was looking at all the photos I've taken since my last entry, it is very apparent how much has happened!  Things continue to go smoothly, horses are good, all is well.  I am going to The European Championships in Herning tomorrow so I will be sure to post a detailed update soon.  I am so excited! Enjoy the photos, there will be more words next time :) 

 Working hard :) training Bob!
 Bob helping us clean 
 Treats from Germany.
 Delicious and artistic! 
 After work trip to Aarhus.
 Can't walk by an ice cream shop without stopping... 
 Cafes and shops Aarhus. 
 Neat bike! 
 Found a Fjord farm on a bike excursion!!! 
 YUM.  We got a generous scooper today. 
 First rainbow in a week of many.
 Biking after the storm. 
 Babies and field horses. 
 Love the hair!  
 More rainbows... 
 Night check.  The sun is back! 
KunstCentert Silkeborg Bad fountain.  
So disgusting (and the smell!) but somehow beautiful.