Sunday, October 27, 2013

I am still alive!

Apologies for my lack of communication, but things have been very busy and time continues to FLY by! It feels like 3 days ago that my parents left to go home, and only a few months since I first came over.  When I was looking through my photos for this post, I was horrified at how long it has been since my last update... but I was equally as shocked at how few photos I took!  My goal is to pick up the pace with the photos again. It is getting harder because the sun rises at 7:30am and sets at 6:30pm and it is only October! It has been raining a lot as well, but there are some beautiful fall days disguised in between :) 

The horses are doing great and I continue to ride and learn a lot.  I have a show soon with two 5 year olds and I am eager to get back in the show ring!  It is really exciting to be a part of their education.  Will update on the show soon!  

 5k road race with Kathryn and Victoria (Morten's daughter) 
 Made American pancakes to go with the NH Maple Syrup I requested :) 
 Typical week here!
 Mushroom picking in the forest. 
 Show arena in Ikast. 
Another new friend.  

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