Thursday, April 25, 2013

Time flies when you're having fun!

The days are flying by already!  We started chores like the first day with feeding, and I also put new straw in the stalls after they were cleaned.  I am finally getting the hang of the huge straw and hay bales! There is a really good system, so it was just a matter of learning what tools to use and how to "work smart not hard" when doing new things.  Bogdan is part robot and works so quickly that I have to push myself so I don't slow him down.  He is very particular as well, but it is nice to be told what to do and just work.  The facility and routine are very well thought out, so even though there is a lot to do it gets done efficiently.  

I have been riding the same group of horses.  Morten gave me some helpful advice and things have been going well the past few days.  The variety of horses is amazing, there is a little bit of everything here!  It is a challenge for me to go from horse to horse and try to ride each one to the best of my ability when they all have such drastically different strengths and challenges.  I start the morning riding a big gangly horse who tries very hard and needs time and help to develop physically.  He is my favorite so far because he is very forward and generous.  I also ride 2 smaller six year olds who are almost opposites!  One is forward and uphill while the other is naturally slower in the tempo and I have to work so he stretches out to the bit.  The horses are all happy and relaxed, even when they are worked in hand.  It is a really nice atmosphere!  

Yesterday we had a meeting with everyone and went over how things work and the general routine.  Sarah supplied cake, coffee and juice.  The cake was amazing!  Today after work we went into town again to the grocery store, where I had more success.  I learned how to get the bus into town so I am planning an excursion this weekend.  I will keep the photos coming!  I must add... it has rained every afternoon as was promised.  However, I am enjoying the cool weather and can't complain about anything!   
 View of barn from paddocks 
 Bob going for a walk 
 Front of barn 
 Barn, indoor and outdoor
Resident canaries 
 View into indoor arena from shared living room 
 View of round pen from shared kitchen 
 Feeding time


  1. Hi there, found your blog from COTH - what a beautiful facility! Looking forward to reading more, thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. What a lovely place! Looking forward to hearing more!