Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Day

The first day was a success!  I am a little tired from jet lag still, but the day went by quickly and now I can go to bed and catch up on some sleep.  We started at 7am, and I helped with feeding and tried to learn where the horses live and all their names. There are around 25, including 2 ponies, 2 broodmares and 3 foals.  The vet and physiotherapist were both here at 8am, so we got started working horses later than usual.  I rode 4 or 5 horses, but I will talk about them in a later post.  I was very impressed with how they all were to ride... I've come to the right place! Morten gave me a little advice about each one, but in general I rode on my own while he was riding or teaching others.  We have break from 1-3pm, then finish riding and do chores.  Tonight we were finished around 6pm.  

Everyone has been very welcoming!  Bogdan (from Romania) picked me up at the airport.  He does the stalls and keeps the farm running... I miss driving the tractor already!  Kathryn (from Canada) is the main rider and knows the horses inside and out.  She has answered more than enough questions from me today! Hannah (from Germany) is a groom and helps with everything (including practicing my German).  She showed me a lot today too. And of course there are Sarah and Morten!  

I also have to elaborate on this beautiful farm.  The facility is just amazing, from the footing to the pastures to the living quarters!  We all live above the barn, and I was lucky enough to get my own apartment with a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom.  It is huge!  Aside from my area, there are 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a huge kitchen and living room that overlook the indoor.  I love all the natural light in both the upstairs and the barn.  There are windows everywhere, including the ceiling.  Before I fall asleep, I must be sure to add I have already befriended the barn cat, Bob.  He is very loving and social.  I miss everyone at home, but things here couldn't be better for a start (aside from me spilling pudding at the grocery store register my first time shopping... not sure Denmark is ready for my grace!)  Until I can be held responsible for my spelling and grammar... signing out! zzzZZZZZ :) 

 My apartment. (Bathroom door open, bedroom door closed) 
 View from my living room window.
 Couldn't leave this out... Meet Bob! 
 Foals in turnout 
 Back of barn. 
 Aviary on the way to the indoor. 
 Indoor arena.
 Bob in his bed.  
Barn aisle.  


  1. I don't know you and I don't even follow dressage. Stumbled here after reading the article on COTH. I just wanted to say Congratulations! Talk about living the dream! And I have now added an aviary to my dream barn. Thanks!

  2. Looks amazing, Ali! Enjoy!
    xox Shannon (not the aunt type of Shannon)