Sunday, April 28, 2013

Quiet Days

The past few days I have been doing a lot of walking with my camera. I love to take pictures, and it is hard to take a bad one in this landscape!  The weather has been beautiful and so I decided to go to the local store and see what it was like.  The walk took me 35 min each way.  Next time I will wear my sneakers and do some running! The store was very cute and the lady working there spoke English, which was a nice surprise.  When I was in Germany, I could at least give the language a solid try when ordering or being in public.  In Danish, I know 3 words: Little, brother, and half-pass. Not so helpful when trying to get a bus schedule or order food!  Good thing I like an adventure.  Tomorrow we will ride the horses again and get back to the regular barn schedule.  I can't wait!

 Morten's yard looking at the neighbor 
 My windows are the 3 to the left on the second floor
 Neighbor's house
 Cute cows across the street
 Starting my walk
 Looking down at the farm
 Paddocks and pastures 
 On my way to the store
 Local cow farm 
 Interesting trees
 Made it!  Sipping my Powerade 
On my way back to the farm 


  1. Interesting breed of cow. They remind me of double-stuffed oreos. :-)

  2. Sweet Pea,
    Reminds me of walking to the bodega in Costa Rica except it was MF hot!But what beautiful country!
    How is Bob kitty? So glad you have him! Recently Finnie has taken to sitting on my lap on the back porch, only a matter of time before he bolts. Right now he has cornered a bug on the porch and won't move, killer that he is:)
    Keep the photos coming!
    Your sister won her Lax game yesterday!
    We luv and miss you lots!