Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lot's of Photos!

When I look at all the photos I've taken, I realize I haven't blogged in a while!  I guess that is a good thing, as time is flying by and I'm still having a lot of fun!  Everything continues to go smoothly.  Last week was very busy as both Kathryn and Morten were away.  I rode more than I've ever ridden in my life... no better way to spend a working day.  After riding 12 horses, my abs and thighs were very tired and I crashed after work on more than one occasion!  I must admit, I am enjoying riding the young horses more than I anticipated.  I don't have a lot of experience riding 3 and 4 year olds, but that is changing!  I am currently riding two 4 year old geldings who are good natured and eager to learn.  I also ride two five year olds who both feel trained beyond their years.  Riding these youngsters is a change for me, but I am learning a lot and they have turned out to be fun and rewarding.  

Within the last week, two foals were born on the farm.  It was very exciting because I got to see my first birth!  My room is closest to the foaling stalls, so I got to be in charge of the birth alarm.  I have never seen anything like it.  It is a surcingle that detects when the mare lies down flat on her side.  There are different settings, so the alarm either goes off after the first or third time she goes down.  Both births went smoothly and quickly.  I remember how great it is to have babies around!  Thankfully the weather has been warm and beautiful, and they are already going outside for half a day.  I will post more pictures with the next blog entry.  

My other newfound enjoyment is cooking.  I have been experimenting in the kitchen, and I was going to include a photo of last night's dinner but decided it was too embarrassing.  The taste was decent, however the color and texture were questionable.  of course, I couldn't start with easy things I know how to make like pasta, potatoes or chicken... I had to jump straight into the curries and meat sauces.  Luckily, as with riding, practice makes perfect... and I have been practicing!  

 First trail ride in Denmark
 Driving into Silkeborg 
 Spring is here... I think. 
 New discovery/ addiction! 
 Driving back to the farm.
 Just a small and random hail storm in early June! 
 Night check.
 Artistic, my favorite :) 
 Just stopping by a bakery...
 ...overwhelmed by all the choices.
 My dream house, just down the road from the farm. 
Statue in Silkeborg. 
One of the new foals!

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  1. Sweet pea
    Babies and this really ali:) so glad you are enjoying both! Remember the first time you and Your sister tried to chop veggies for me?
    Great photos! Love the artistic one!
    Thanks for the B Day wish;)
    Auntie Shannon