Sunday, May 19, 2013

Been here a month!

Time is really flying, I know I've said that a lot but I can't get over how true it is.  I don't feel like the new person here anymore!  The past two weeks have been busy and business as usual.  Kathryn (the Canadian) is going home for a visit this coming week so I will not be slowing down soon... we might be a little lost without her but will manage just fine.  At the end of last week I rode some of "her" horses so I could get to know them before she goes.  I really like riding new horses and seeing how quickly I can figure out how to best ride them.  As Pam calls it, this "diagnostic"period consists of checking their response to the aids and determining their natural tendencies. Are they lazy or spicy? Do they lean right or left?  Which gait and direction is easiest for them?  I find myself thinking back to Pam's advice everyday.  While this makes me realize how valuable my time with her was, it is also extremely bittersweet!  However, I am taking advantage of getting to practice what I've learned AND continue learning from Morten.  Can't go wrong!
There is rumor I will be showing two horses in June!  I love to show so this is an exciting and unexpected opportunity.  I ride a gelding who will be showing "M" level, which is a Danish national level equivalent to third and fourth levels.  He is a sensitive guy, but I enjoy riding him a lot and think he will be fun in the show arena.  I will also do the FEI 5 Year Old classes with one of Dressage Arvé's own horses.  I haven't ridden him as much, but he is very easy going and really cute! I am very excited.  We just have to work out some details (including translating my test!) and then it's showtime.   
Onto non-riding topics, we had spring cleaning this weekend at the barn so we are all tired.  It was quite the production but everything looks amazing.  It is so clean here, and now I see why.  There is so much attention to detail and upkeep.  It is hard work, but it shows.  I've been doing some normal things like going into town, indulging in delicious Danish cakes, and reading.  I realize this is a somewhat uneventful way to explore a new country, but right now my fun and adventures are with the horses! 

 Spring cleaning

Translating and learning a Danish dressage test! 


 Attempting to be artsy.  

My new friend, Poopsy.   

More cleaning. 2 power washers.  

Happy Belated Birthday Kathryn!  

 Downtown Silkeborg.

Silkeborg hospital on the hill and the riverboats.

Just another late barn check, sunset around 10:30pm! 


  1. Sweet Pea,
    Pictures are beautiful! I like the cake best:)
    Good luck in June with showing the horses!
    Helped Taylor and Devon get ready for prom this past wknd, made me think of you and how beautiful you looked!
    Miss you!!
    Auntie Shannon

  2. This is from Auntie Bea! New addition to my Bucket List....should say our....because I'll have to bring Scott(: Watching you live in an Olympic event!!!!No doubt in my mind that this will happen! Just had a great time with mom and dad...Slept on your futon...surrounded by horses and box spring, my back is still sore. Next time i'll sleep in the top bunk. So proud to have you in our life...Love Bea